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Planning the Future

Planning the Future

EIKON offers a comprehensive range of services required to design and produce an attractive, marketable, and successful development whether it's a single-family residential neighborhood or a commercial or industrial site.

Master Planning

Space Planning

Site Feasibility

Building Evaluations

Building Evaluations

Building evaluations are essential to the building process and provide insight into the viability and sustainability of a space. The overarching goals of theses evaluations are to assess building performance in relation to its specified intention and bring to light any foreseeable challenges the building may face in the future. These evaluations take into account elements including, but not limited to:

  • Building code compliance

  • Mechanical, electrical, and structural components

  • Harmful conditions or materials (e.g., asbestos)

  • Overall safety of the space

  • Energy efficiency

  • Utilities and accessibility

  • Carpentry and interior finishes

  • Moisture protection components

  • Systems related to waterproofing and fireproofing

Planning out the interior arrangement of a space is a complex endeavor since its layout influences various elements including work efficiency, flows of communication, productivity and even employees' moods. EIKON proudly offers space planning services that:

  • Define the purpose(s) for interior spaces

  • Formulate cohesive plans and planning out optimal arrangements for furniture and equipment

  • Facilitate the optimal flow of everyday operations

  • Create the appropriate atmosphere and ambiance

  • Help maximize productivity

At EIKON, we work alongside our clients to enable them to achieve the optimal setup of their spaces.​

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Cost analysis is a methodical means of breaking down all the expenditures pertaining to a proposed project. This comprehensive, preliminary process provides a way to discover viable options that will best suit a company or organization in terms of labor, materials, and costs. Additionally, an in-depth analysis of the costs associated with a proposed project can help uncover alternative methods and operations that may be a better fit for the company. EIKON's cost analysis will:

  • Breakdown al the costs associated with your proposed project

  • Provide insight into how your project's budget can be efficiently utilized

  • Help uncover alternative methods to control or reduce costs

  • Prevent cognitive dissonance

Before the initial design of a proposed building project, multiple questions need to be answered, and a long list of considerations must be made. EIKON can provide a site feasibility study to:

  • Help you determine if a specific site is a suitable location for your project

  • Uncover potential hazards and / or challenges

  • Ensure the proper planning of your building or development project

  • Help you stay within budget constraints by ensuring the proper approach to development is pursued

Master Planning

EIKON's master planning services include:

  • Optimizing the development potential of a given location

  • Providing insight into how a location or region can be efficiently developed

  • Uncovering alternative methods of development

  • Showing how the development of a region can impact surrounding regions or communities

We achieve this by:​

  • Pinpointing the issues

  • Declaring goals

  • Gathering data

  • Formulating a cohesive plan

  • Establishing plans of efficient implementation

  • Exploring alternative approaches

  • Executing the plan and evaluating it

Site Feasibility
Space Planning
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